The loadingIndicator Property (En)

Show fancy loading indicator while SPA page is loading!

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When running Nuxt.js in SPA mode, there is no content from the server side on the first page load. So, instead of showing a blank page while the page loads, we may show a spinner.

This property can have 3 different types: string or false or object. If a string value is provided it is converted to object style.

Default value is:

  name: 'circle',
  color: '#3B8070',
  background: 'white'

Built-in indicators

These indicators are ported from awesome Spinkit project. You can use its demo page to preview spinners.

  • circle
  • cube-grid
  • fading-circle
  • folding-cube
  • chasing-dots
  • nuxt
  • pulse
  • rectangle-bounce
  • rotating-plane
  • three-bounce
  • wandering-cubes

Built-in indicators support color and background options.

Custom indicators

If you need your own special indicator, a String value or Name key can also be a path to an html template of indicator source code! All of the options are passed to the template, too.

Nuxt's built-in source code is also available if you need a base!

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